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About Us

McShan Medical is a medical device solution and Medi-Spa company headquartered in Orlando, FL. We have created the bridge to cover the gap in the U.S. aesthetics marketplace which allows alternative ways for small to mid-size organizations to purchase, rent, or lease to own large ticket medical devices. In addition to sales and rental McShan Medical may be able to provide in house financing and partnership agreements to companies that cannot get traditional financing. We strive to provide great products at reasonable prices, have excellent customer service, and provide value during each interaction.
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Meet The Founder

Chris McShan, founder and CEO of McShan Medical LLC. Chris has been working with medical devices and providing solutions to medical practices for nearly two decades. He has always held a passion for helping others provide win-win solutions. Over the years he has assisted with growing and developing numerous medical practices reach their maximum potential, and working though extremely tough issues. While working for multinational organizations he realized that the many companies were unwilling to work with small organizations, and he knew that something had to be done to help. The extremely high prices kept many out and is seemed as if the system was designed to only help large businesses while smaller organizations were pushed away for more lucrative deals. Chris has set out to change a broken industry by assisting large established practices, small start-up practices and all practices in between obtain high quality revenue generating medical devices at reasonable to no cost upfront.

Our advantages

Why customers choose us

Certified specialists

Top specialist and surgeons only for a guaranteed success and maximum result

Centers in all states

Our centers are in 50 states and the Federal District of Columbia.


All specialists work in communication with each other, and often decide together.


Modern and highly effective technology for plastic surgeries and cosmetic treats.


Cosmetic surgery team is dedicated to providing our patients with safe treatment.

20 Years Reputation

Since 1997 NewLook are the favorites of plastic surgery in the USA.

McShan Medical is a medical device solution and Medi-Spa company headquartered in Orlando, FL.


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