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The nature of acupuncture is indeed mysterious but it's effectiveness is unmatched. About nine out of ten people will feel immediate and significant relief from pain or anxiety from their first acupuncture treatment (note your acupuncturist's mileage may vary). You will learn that most of the symptoms people are experiencing are a result of circulation problems. This is not the root cause but an intermediary one. The stagnation of lymph causes low oxygenation with an associated build up of waste products, toxins, pathogens thus causing inflammation at the various sites which in turn produces localized pain or systemically producing fatigue, anxiety, depression, low immunity and so on. Acupuncture is very effective for opening a clogged lymphatic system. The results although amazing at first are temporary. Several more treatments are necessary to "get ahead of the symptoms." Think rinse and repeat. With each treatment, the relief usually lasts longer as the lymphatics stay open longer. How we speed up this process and make it more permanent is to address the deeper causes. If the patient is reasonably intelligent, open, has taken responsibility for their health, and motivated, we proceed to treating the core problems by incorporating the other tools.

McShan Medical is a medical device solution and Medi-Spa company headquartered in Orlando, FL.


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