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Kybella for double chin

We all know and fear the infamous double chin that just won’t budge with diet and exercise. McShan Medical is pleased to offer Orlando – Kybella, the FDA’s first and only injectable drug that improves the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat below the chin. Let our experts design a treatment plan that will change your life.

Kybella Orlando: What to Expect

Kybella™ is a naturally occurring molecule in our body that dissolves fat. When injected, it destroys fat cells under the chine to improve your profile.

When you come to McShan Medical in Orlando for a Kybella treatment our skilled medical professionals will make a detailed assessment of the fat deposits in the chin area. This is a key first step in the process as the size, shape and relative location of the fat deposits varies from between clients. The deoxycholic acid helps your Nurse Practitioner sculpt away the fat, so proper targeting of the fat cells is very important to achieve a natural appearance.

Once the treatment begins, our expert injector will make about 10-20 small injections in the area being treated. The reason for several small injections is to assure your treatment is evenly distributed so that the gradual shrinking of the double chin is natural.

To achieve the results you want will require about 2 to 4 treatments about 1 month apart. Each treatment takes just 15 minutes and the actual number of treatments required will depend on the volume of the fat under your chin.

Your safety and comfort is always first. McShan Medical has been recognized as 1 of the Top 500 in facial aesthetics in the United States delighting thousands of clients. Our medical health professionals have in depth training on submental anatomy and associated neuromuscular structures in the areas being treated. We administer Kybella only for FDA approved double chin using our signature McShan Medical techniques.

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