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Vitamin Shots

Feeling run down? Need a boost of energy? Many of our clients visit McShan Medical monthly or every 14 days for a vitamin injection to help boost their metabolism and energy, supercharge their immune system, and lose inches and weight. Clients also report improvements in mental clarity, focus, and mood.

What to Expect

Vitamin shots can be a quick and convenient way to get a direct dose of vitamins that your body may be lacking. Along with a healthy lifestyle and a regular skincare routine, they can be another way to improve your overall well-being.

Vitamin B12: This vitamin helps us produce healthy red blood cells, create DNA for new cells, and produce energy from our food to give us a higher metabolism. The problem is, many of us are lacking in this vitamin – one of the reasons we may feel constantly fatigued and like we have no energy.

McShan Medical offers vitamin B12 energy shots to give you a highly directed dose of energy within minutes. For the best results, we recommend scheduling monthly shots to maintain optimum energy levels.

Vitamin B6: Also called pyridoxine, this vitamin is necessary for a well-functioning metabolic system and can help with PMS and menopause symptoms. It’s also thought to keep skin and hair healthy and supple.

McShan Medical offers B6 Vanity shots to help keep you looking and feeling your best. We recommend scheduling regular monthly shots to keep yourself in top condition.

McShan Medical also offers an all-in-one “Power Shot” with both vitamin B12 and vitamin B6, as well as specialized injections for stress relief and weight loss.

Our advantages

Why customers choose us

Competitive Pricing

Rates and prices are aggressive in comparison to other treatment centers.

Certified Specialist

Certified staff only for a guaranteed success and maximum result


All specialist work in communication with each other, and often decide together


Modern and highly effective technology for plastic surgeries and cosmetic treats.


Our team is dedicated to providing our patients with safe treatment

Immediate Availability

Our services are available within 24 to 48 hours after the consultation.

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